• Vinyl Production

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  • Artwork & technical requirements can be found below, alongside text links to our more popular templates.
    (Neil McSweeney - A Coat Worth Wearing - Hudson Records)

  • Jukebox Holes on standard weight 7"
    (Betty Boo - Spellbound - Soul Junction Records)

  • Record Store Day is the one day of the year when over 200 independent record shops all across the UK come together to celebrate their unique culture. Look out for special vinyl releases, artist performances & events to mark the occasion. Thousands more shops celebrate the day around the globe in what’s become one of the biggest annual events on the music calendar.

  • If you are having your vinyl cut in the UK, we can arrange for you to attend the session.

  • "Vinyl sales at their highest point since the ’80s"
    Vinyl Factory

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We manufacture the majority of our vinyl in Europe.
Currently we are working approximately to a 4 week lead time for Test Pressings, & 12 weeks for the pressing run.
We also press vinyl within the UK, which improves lead time, and also allows to you attend the cutting session.

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Vinyl Pricing
File Transfer, Audio Master & Production details
Artwork requirements


We supply Drawings to describe the dimensions of your paper parts, and Cutters for you paste into your design software if you wish.

Here we have included our standard templates. There are more variations available if you contact us, and we can create a bespoke die for your project, will of course command an extra cost.

7″ label, normal 84mm diameter: drawing | cutter
7″ label, large 90mm diameter: drawing | cutter
7″ label, juke box: drawing | cutter
7″ disobag: drawing | cutter
7″ inner sleeve: drawing | cutter
7″ outer sleeve: drawing | cutter
7″ gatefold sleeve: drawing | cutter
7″ tri-gatefold sleeve: drawing | cutter

10″ label: drawing | cutter
10″ disobag: drawing | cutter
10″ inner sleeve: drawing | cutter
10″ inner sleeve, cut corners: drawing | cutter
10″ outer sleeve: drawing | cutter
10″ gatefold sleeve: drawing | cutter
10″ tri-gatefold sleeve: drawing | cutter

12″ label: drawing | cutter
12″ disobag: drawing | cutter
12″ inner sleeve: drawing | cutter
12″ inner sleeve, cut corners: drawing | cutter
12″ outer sleeve, 3mm spine: drawing | cutter
12″ outer sleeve, 5mm spine: drawing | cutter
12″ gatefold sleeve: drawing | cutter
12″ tri-gatefold sleeve: drawing | cutter