• Akcent Media - Gigspanner - dvd digipak

    DVD digipak

    Peter Knight's Gigspanner - Live in Concert
    DVD-5 in 4pp digipak 4/0 with clear tray

  • Akcent Media - DVD digipak - Enigma of Nic Jones

    Amaray box

    The Enigma of Nic jones - Topic Records
    DVD-5 in clear Amaray box with inlay 4/0

Our order process for DVDs is very similar to our CD production:
After your initial enquiry, we discuss your requirements and finalise the specification.
We normally send you in pdf form a drawing with dimensions for information only and a same-size die-cutting template for your designer to work to.
If you’re happy with our quotation and wish to proceed, supply your video master & accompanying artwork, as well as your invoice & delivery address & contact details.
We’ll check your artwork in Acrobat Preflight, and reply to you with any technical amendments required. Once we’re happy to progress with your files, we’ll send you screen proofs of your artwork & a video information sheet.
Soon after your approval of these proofs we’ll advise you of the planned delivery date.
You’ll be advised toward that date of when you’ll receive your order, then you can confirm your satisfaction with your product.

Our DVD pricing is coming soon.

We will be publishing the specifications for your video masters & their accompanying artwork files, as well as templates for your packaging.

Please contact us in the meantime for any information.

If you need help with any aspect of your product, we can undertake DVD authoring or design work in-house or through a third party, which will require an extra charge.


Drawings are there to illustrate the package & its dimensions;
Cutters are for you to drop into your design software if you wish.

Amaray boxes
Amaray box inlay – drawing – cutter

4pp digipak – drawing – cutter
6pp digipak, centre tray – drawing – cutter

4pp digipak – drawing – cutter
6pp digipak – drawing – cutter

Card wallets
4pp card wallet, foam fixing – drawing – cutter